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Cancer (young people) (85)



Signs and symptoms of cancer in young people

Going to your GP

Tests for cancer in young people

Hearing your diagnosis of cancer

Finding information and good information sources on cancer

Hospitals, doctors and treatments

Being in hospital

Chemotherapy for cancer in young people

Radiotherapy for cancer in young people

Surgery for cancer in young people

Biological therapies for cancer in young people

What young people think makes a good doctor

Cancer relapses in young people

Follow-up appointments for young people with cancer

Side-effects, feelings and coping strategies

Unwanted effects of chemotherapy

Does everyone feel the same as I do?

Coping with cancer

Self-image and fertility

Body image during and after cancer

Concerns about fertility after cancer treatment

Living with it

Impact on friends

Impact on family

School and work during and after cancer

Messages to other young people with cancer

Messages to future doctors and nurses

People's Profiles


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Hospitals, doctors and treatments

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Side-effects, feelings and coping strategies

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Self-image and fertility

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Living with it


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