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Our health affects every aspect of our lives. Illness is more than a list of symptoms; it also impacts on our work, hobbies, family life and our mental wellbeing. On you can learn about what it’s really like to live with a health condition by watching other people share their own stories on film.

The website is run by the Dipex Charity. We help millions of people each year to feel better prepared, better informed, and less alone in what they are going through. If we have helped you, or you value what we do, please donate to support us below.

Our research partners, from universities across the UK, have collected thousands of personal health stories by talking to ordinary people in their own homes.

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“I was a well informed doctor but I was desperate to know how ordinary people felt. I didn’t want to read about glamorous celebrities who had climbed Kilimanjaro, while being treated for breast cancer. But there was no way to access such information.”
Ann McPherson - Co-Founder of The Dipex Charity