Systemic Vasculitis

Profiles - Aged 50-59


Lynn is medically retired from her role as an intensive care nurse and now uses her time and experience for Patient and Public Involvement in research. She is married with two grown-up children. Ethnic background: White British.


Wendy is medically retired from her career as an occupational therapist, where she worked in clinical practice, teaching and research. Wendy is divorced, with grown up children. Ethnic background: White British.

Jane X

Ill health meant Jane retired four years ago from her career as a pharmacist then spent two years as a shop assistant before giving up work completely. Jane is married with three grown-up children. Ethnic background: White British.


Dawn worked for 17 years as a learning support assistant in a mainstream primary school. She left two years ago to care for her parents. Dawn lives with her father, husband and three grown-up children. Ethnic background: White English.


Gail is medically retired from her work as a health visitor. She has just started a part-time job in social support. Gail is divorced with two grown-up daughters and is looking forward to the arrival of a grandchild. Ethnic background: White British.


Karen is a retired insurance company chief executive who now does freelance work for an online estate agent. Ethnic background: White English.


Jane lives with her partner. She is hoping to return to her work as a medical secretary in a few months’ time. Ethnic background: White English.


After a career in the police and Special Branch, Nicky is self-employed running a transcription company. She is separated. Ethnic background: White British.


Marie lost her job as a result of ill health. She is single and has moved back in with her elderly mum. Marie is passionate about the benefits of singing and hopes to build up work as a singing teacher and researcher. Ethnic background: White Scottish.


Salma has been medically retired for 15 years from her job as a hospital administrator. Her primary language is English, but she uses Gujarati with her husband. Ethnic background: Anglo-Indian.

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