Experiences of Covid-19 and Intensive Care

Profiles - 'Second Wave' Sep 2020 - Feb 2021


Royston is married and has 5 children and 4 stepchildren. He is a semi-retired butcher. White British (Cornish Celt).


Brian works as a roofing contractor. He is married with one child. White British.


Chris works as a butcher in the family business. He lives with his father and mother, who also work in the shop. He is 33. White English.


Donna works as a senior health assistant in the community. Donna and Simon had been married for 31 years and have one daughter together, who is 27. Simon had two children in a previous marriage, who are in their forties. White British.


Emma (41) works as a ward clerk in an A&E department. She and her husband have two children (15 and 16). White British.


John (60) works in the electrical distribution business. He is husband and carer to his wife and has two adult children and six grandchildren. White British.


Wendy lives with her husband, and, temporarily, with her daughter and her partner, and their two children. Wendy used to work as an outings day service manager for people with dementia, but has decided to retire early following her admission to ICU with Covid.


Roger lives with his partner and their twin sons (aged 26). White British.

Nahied & Rani

Nahied [45] lives with her husband, not far from her older sister Rani [49]. Rani is married with four children, and supported Nahied through her admission to hospital and her recovery. Ethnicity: British-Pakistani.


Mark is a self-employed financial advisor and family carer to his elderly mother with dementia. He is single and has 2 adult children (son & daughter). Ethnicity: Black British (Afro Caribbean).


Jo worked for an energy company, until she lost her job due to short term sickness early in 2020. She has been too ill to work. Jo lives alone. Ethnicity: White British.


Jenny lives with her husband. They have been married to for 44 years, and have three adult children, one of whom lives with them again temporarily. 40 years ago, Jenny worked in the NHS herself. She is now retired. Ethnicity: White British.


Pete and his wife have been married for over 40 years. They have three adult children, who live elsewhere. Their eldest son supported his parents after their respective discharge from hospital. Ethnicity: White British.

Shireen & Yacoob

Yacoob has run an African food shop for the past 30 years. Shireen works as an interpreter in the local hospital. They have three adult children, one of whom lives with them. Ethnicity: British Asian (Burmese).


Mike and Veronica have been married for 18 years. Both have three daughters from previous marriages. Together they have 19 grandchildren. Due to Covid, Mike and Veronica retired early from their work in horticulture and the care sector respectively. Ethnicity: White British.


Goutam is 52 years old and is Indian. He is married and has two children, and works in IT implementation management.

Alisha & Rita

Alisha (23) works as an Implementation Manager. She lives with her mother Rita (52). Ethnicity: British-Indian.

Peter & Stephanie

Peter [65] is a retired fence builder. Stephanie [58] works as a nurse practitioner and site manager in hospital. Together they run a laundry service for horse rugs. They got together 8 years ago and married four months after Peter’s discharge from hospital. Ethnicity: White British.


Sadia aged 38 is married with four children (5,7, 11 and 12 years old). The family lives close to her brother and to her parents. Her father (78) runs an import/export company. Ethnicity: East African Asian.

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