Experiences of Covid-19 and Intensive Care

Profiles - 'First Wave' March - April 2020


Carl works as an interior designer. He is married with two children (aged 13 and 15). White British.


Laurence fell ill with Covid in March 2020. He is married and has two children in their early twenties. Following his discharge, he quit his job that required a lot of travel and started a new company which allows him to work from home.


Steven is married with three children (aged 34, 32 and 26). He has worked as a journalist and a public relations director but had retired following the strokes he had whilst in hospital with Covid. He is looking to work with health charities in the future. White British.


Gerry lives in Scotland with his wife and three children (aged 10, 15 and 19 at the time of admission). He worked in risk analysis prior to admission and has gone to do so from home four months after discharge.


Caroline is married and lives with her husband. She retired from her teaching job after her hospital admission. Caroline has two adult daughters. White British.


Zoe and her husband have 4 sons (aged 17, 22, 24, 26). Zoe works in retail. White British.


Dana and her husband have three children, aged 11,15 and 17. Jewish White British. Dana works as a Speech and Language Therapist.


Deborah works as a finance manager. Deborah and Shaun aged 54 have two adult children. White British.


Paul lives with his wife and 12-year-old son in a remote location in Scotland. His adult daughter lives elsewhere. Paul has worked as a lift engineer for 35 years, from which he partly retired 2 years ago. White British.


Kate is a midwife and researcher. She is married; her husband works in transport. He has asthma. They have two children, aged 7 and 13. White British.


Paula works as an admin manager for the NHS. She and her partner got married to begin a new chapter after Covid. They have a daughter, aged 26. Ethnicity: White British.


Until their respective hospital admissions, Geraldine and her adult daughter lived together. Ethnicity: Asian British (Sri Lankan).


Ann lives with her husband and one of their three adult sons in the West of England. Ethnicity: White British.


Johnny is married and has two adult children who both have their own families. He works as a nurse in the NHS. Ethnicity: British Asian (Filipino).


George works as a black cab driver. He lives with his three children (12, 14 and 17) from a previous marriage. Ethnicity: Black British.


Andrew works in IT Finance. He and his wife had a baby almost a year after his discharge from hospital. Ethnicity: British-Chinese.


Neil works as a manufacturing team leader. He lives in a flat share with a friend. Ethnicity: White British.


Elizabeth works as a nurse. Alexander worked as a network technician. Elizabeth and Alexander were together for 38 years. They have two adult children, one of whom lives close by.


Melanie and Rhod were members of the same church and longstanding friends. Rhod worked in the charity sector and was passionate about composing music for his church. Melanie works as a consultant nurse in the ICU ward that Rhod was admitted to.

Victor & Paula

Paula and Victor have been married for 35 years. Their son Rob (24) lives with them. Victor works as a black cab driver. Ethnicity: White British.


Before falling ill with Covid, Michael (53) worked as an IT support officer at a school. He lives with his father who was also hospitalised with severe Covid. Michael is considering retirement due to his symptoms following his stay in ICU. Ethnicity: Black British.


Mark is a self-employed financial advisor and family carer to his elderly mother with dementia. He is single and has 2 adult children (son & daughter). Ethnicity: Black British (Afro Caribbean).

Moazzam and Zubaida

Before he fell ill with Covid, Moazzam worked as a Courier. He is 51 and married with four children (11, 8, 6 and 2 years old). Ethnicity: British- Pakistani.


Laszlo is Hungarian and works as an ICU nurse and educator. He is married with children.

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