Profiles - Age 46-55

Interview 05

Is a divorced career counsellor but is not working due to strokes. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

Interview 06

Is a married process operator with 2 adult children. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Interview 07

Is married with 2 adult children. He was a master plasterer but now medically retired. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Interview 08

Is single and living with his partner. He was a shop fitter but now medically retired. Ethnic Background' White/Scottish.

Interview 12

Is recently divorced with no children. She is a medically retired teacher. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

Interview 19

Is a married father of 2 adult children and 2 stepchildren. He works as a senior psychiatric nurse trainer. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Welsh.

Interview 30

Is a married mother of 2 children and is a nurse trainer. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

Interview 34

Is a single mother with 2 adult children. She is a care assistant (but is not working because of stroke). Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Clare - Interview 56

Clare is a 50 year old retired catering manager. She experienced a stroke at age 46. Her ethnic background is White British.

Gavin - Interview 63

Gavin is a 47 year old media representative/spokesperson. He lives at home with his wife and two children. He is not working right now because of his stroke, but hopes to return to some type of work one day. His ethnic background is White British.
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