Nancy - Interview 09- Menopause

Age at interview: 59
Brief Outline: Nancy sailed through menopause in her mid-40s with no symptoms. Diagnosed as being at risk of osteoporosis, she took HRT for 10 years. A recent mastectomy has made her wonder about the possible link between long-term use of HRT and breast cancer.
Background: Nancy is a teacher. She is married with three adult children. She started the menopause at age 45 and had her last period at 47. Ethnic background/nationality' White British.

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Nancy checks the stories in the media about HRT with her doctor.

Nancy checks the stories in the media about HRT with her doctor.


There were quite a few stories in the media about HRT and over time about it not being so good, about there being some health risks 

Were you aware of those stories?
Oh yeah, I read them all. Yeah.
And how did that make you feel about being on it?
Well, I wasn’t very happy about it. If I’d known there were alternative treatments for the bone density I probably would have preferred to switch to that. Because you have to really weigh risks up carefully I think. I certainly don’t base my judgement on what I read in the newspapers because there is some incredible rubbish written in newspapers. If I read a story in the paper I usually check it out against other things on the internet. I talk to people about it, I talk to, well I mean I would talk to the GP about it and the practice nurse. I also talk to friends who are in the medical profession and see what they think about it. So I wouldn’t just base a decision on something I’d read in the paper because I think most of the stories are there to sell papers really.
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