Sexual Health (young people)

Profiles - Women 22-25

Interview 13

Final year at University. She is in a serious relationship, and she and her partner agreed to go for STI testing before stopping using condoms. (Played by an actor)

Interview 42

She is married with a small child and works full time. Her husband also works full-time and her in-laws help to take care of their child. (Played by an actor)

Interview 44

Young Scottish lesbian woman who lives with her partner. She works part-time and they shared a house with another friend. (Played by an actor)

Interview 34

Works full time in the administrative sector and lives with her parents. She describes herself as ethnically mixed and she and her boyfriend have been together for five years. (Played by an actor)

Interview 28

Lives with her husband and their eight-month-old baby. After finding out she was pregnant she decided to start her university studies and says that her husband has been very supportive.

Interview 21

Student who lives in shared accommodation. Says that she was brought up in a rural area where there was not much to do for young people except to have sex and make babies.

Interview 23

She lives with partner and their two daughters age three and two months. Currently she is a full-time mum but plans to continue her studies soon.

Interview 07

Single professional woman who works full time in the managerial sector. Brought up in a rural community where women had no access to family planning services.

Interview 16

Black Caribbean young woman who works full time in the administrative sector. Since starting her sexual life she has used contraception. Her primary concern has always been to avoid unwanted pregnancy. (Played by an actor)

Interview 05

Works full time as an account manager lives with her fianc'e and they are getting married next year. She wants to have children soon after that.

Interview 01

Black African woman who lives with her mother, brother and sisters in the inner city. She has a university degree and described herself as being brought up in a loving and religious family. (Played by an actor)

Interview 02

Holds a science degree and works full time. At time of interview she has been in a long-standing relationship for the past five years. (Played by an actor)

Interview 03

Graduate student who lives in shared house and has a steady boyfriend. She says that as a teenager, her mother told her about family planning and sexual health. (Played by an actor)

Interview 47 - Katie & Alice

Katie University student; single. At the time of the interview she was living in an all female student house. Ethnic background: White British. Alice Final year at university; single. Shares a house with other students. Ethnic background: White British.

Interview 51 - Stefanie

Works as a production assistant, lives with partner and she is looking for an alternative method of contraception to the implant.

Intervbiew 54 - Victoria

Victoria recently graduated from university and is currently seeking work. She would like to work with young people in the area of sexual health. Ethnic background' White British.

Interview 55 - Natasha

Natasha recently graduated from university and does voluntary work for a charity organization. Single. Ethnic background' Indian
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