Sexual Health (young people)

Profiles - Women 18-21

Interview 04

Student, living away from home for the first time. Wants to work, travel and would like to have children in the context of a relationship in her thirties. (Played by an actor)

Interview 08

Full-time university student who lives at home with her father. She prefers to use her GP for family planning.

Interview 43

Lives in a rural community with her parents and siblings. She is in full-time education. (Played by an actor)

Interview 24

She is having a gap year before going to University and was living in a shared house and working full time.

Interview 09

She is a full-time mum, has two children' one daughter of five and a half and a six-month-old baby. She became pregnant with her first child at the age of fifteen. (Played by an actor)

Interview 12

She was brought up in a rural area. Currently at University she has worked for several years as a peer educator for the sex education programme' A Pause.

Interview 14

She is a university student who lives away from home during term time. She and her boyfriend went travelling around the world recently. (Played by an actor)

Interview 26

Lives in shared accommodation with two other friends and works part-time as a barmaid and studies at University.

Interview 46

Is a sales assistant who is single with no children. Played by and actor.

Interview 15

Currently she works in a bar and plans to go to University next year. She thinks herself 'lucky' to have been diagnosed with Chlamydia early on and avoiding the risk of becoming infertile. (Played by an actor)

Interview 06

Full-time mother lives on her own with her ten-month-old daughter. She would like to continue studying and to work with children.

Interview 17

She works full time in the education sector and is involved in the A Pause sexual education programme in an inner city area. Lives with her mother and says that they have a very good relationship.

Interview 18

Defines herself as a Black African woman and a full-time mother. She lives with her partner and her fifteen-month-old daughter and says she enjoys the support of parents and in-laws. (Played by an actor)

Interview 20

Student who experienced Chlamydia the first time she slept with her first boyfriend. He did not know he was carrying the infection. Both were successfully treated. (Played by an actor)

Interview 27

A level student who lives in a rural area. She says that in her area there is 'nothing' geared for young people regarding sexual health and family planning services.

Interview 30

Secondary school student preparing for her A levels. She says that she became more aware of sexually transmitted infections after a friend of hers got Chlamydia.

Interview 32

Young lesbian woman who lives with friends and is studying at University. At the time of the interview she was also looking for work.

Interview 38

Bangladeshi woman, mother of a two-year-old child. She and her partner had a religious ceremony and she works part-time for a children's organisation. (Played by an actor)

Interview 39

Bangladeshi woman who lives on her own. She left home at the age of fifteen and was in the care of social services. At the time of the interview she was a full-time student. (Played by an actor)

Interview 41

At the time of the interview she was living in shared accommodation and working and studying at the same time. (Played by an actor)

Interview 45

She finished secondary school and is taking a year out before going to University. She works full time and shares a house with other young people. (Played by an actor)

Interview 49 - Sarah

Single; full time student at her final year at university. Ethnic background' White British.

Interview 50 - Hannah

Full time university student, single. Her top priority at the moment is to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Ethnic background' Mixed Race.

Interview 52 - Chloe

Chloe works with young people with complex and special educational needs and lives at home with her mother and younger sister. Ethnic background' mixed other.

Interview 53 - Fiona

Full-time student; single. Fiona and a few friends thought it would be a good idea to go and get tested for STIs. She said there was a lot of awareness campaign about STIs in her university. Ethnic background' White British.
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