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Iain’s life has changed from working in two jobs, keeping active through rugby and walking his dog before Covid. He now finds it difficult to go out due to worries about catching Covid again and his ongoing symptoms. He caught…

  • Background

    Iain lives with his wife and dog. He previously worked in two jobs but is not working at the moment. Iain describes his ethnicity as white.

  • Fiona A

    Fiona possibly had Covid twice, first in March 2020, when testing wasn’t available, and then in May 2020 when she tested positive. Her symptoms were more severe the second time. They included fever, loss of taste and smell, nausea, stomach…

  • Background

    Fiona is a semi-retired nurse. She lives alone and has an adult child. Fiona describes her ethnicity as white.

  • Age at interview 65
  • Anthony

    Anthony had an unpleasant viral illness for a couple of weeks in March 2020 which he now thinks may have been Covid-19, although testing was not available at the time. His initial illness was followed by feeling very washed out…

  • Background

    Anthony is retired and lives with his wife. He describes his ethnicity as white.

  • Age at interview 66
  • Sarah

    Sarah became unwell over Christmas in 2020. Initially she felt a bit off colour and lost her appetite, but she got tested when she developed a cough a couple of days later. She then felt “quite unwell” and counted thirteen…

  • Background

    Sarah lives with her husband and has two children (aged 12 and 13). She is a Speech and Language therapist. She had four part-time jobs but is currently working one...

  • Age at interview 43
  • Grayson

    Grayson was in the process of recovering from a hip operation when he fell ill with Covid in late 2020. He has been told that Covid may be responsible for exacerbating the constant hip pain he experiences, and he worries…

  • Background

    Grayson lives with his partner and works full time. They have three children aged 17, 25 and 28. Grayson describes his ethnicity as white

  • Age at interview 60
  • Sofia

    After contracting Covid in early 2021, Sofia struggled with her breathing and mobility. Her specialist has been extremely supportive. Sofia is hopeful that things will improve in the coming months. Sofia was interviewed in May 2021.

  • Background

    Sofia is in her mid-30’s and lives with her husband and four school-age children. She had to give up her job several years ago after being diagnosed with an autoimmune...

  • Age at interview 37
  • Tom

    Many months after having Covid, Tom still has brain fog and ‘crippling’ fatigue. He has had to make major changes to his life and his work. The health system was slow to recognise his condition. He identified a real need…

  • Background

    Tom lives with his wife and now works part time as an IT consultant. He describes his ethnicity as white.

  • Age at interview 52
  • Annabelle

    Prior to having Long Covid, Annabelle described herself as very energetic, with an active family and professional life. She has felt very unwell since contracting Covid in March 2020. She feels as if she has aged 10 years since getting…

  • Background

    Annabelle works in the charity sector, managing a team of people. She lives with her husband and three children, aged 3, 14, and 15. Annabelle describes her ethnicity as white.

  • Age at interview 39
  • Sophie

    In March 2021 Sophie developed severe breathing problems and she now feels that she is beginning to recovery. She feels her GPs haven’t taken her symptoms seriously. She worries about whether her body has been permanently damaged by Covid and…

  • Background

    Sophie is a student and full-time mother of two. She describes her ethnicity as white.

  • Ben

    Ben has never been ill before. He was taken aback by the debilitating effects of Long Covid and the myriad of symptoms which have lasted for over a year. He has gradually begun to recover. He has found support from…

  • Background

    Ben lives with his partner and is making a gradual return to work as a data manager. He describes his ethnicity as white.

  • Age at interview 28