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Interview 61

Diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1997. Colposcopy and laser treatment given initially. From Cone Biopsy initial diagnosis stage 1A1. Six months after treatment, test results re-examined which showed stage of tumour more developed than first thought. Wertheim's hysterectomy. Ovaries not removed.

  • Background

    Housewife; married, 1 child.

  • Age at interview 37
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 54

    Ovarian cancer diagnosed in 1992 following abdominal pain. Treated by surgical removal of ovaries and womb, and chemotherapy. Recurrences treated with further chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Bowel surgery needed to treat blockages.

  • Background

    Retired school & university librarian; married, 2 adult children.

  • Age at interview 63
  • Sex/Gender Female