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Kate is 48 and lives with her partner and 2 children. Ethnicity: White. In October 2020, Kate started to feel a bit unwell. Her symptoms deteriorated and she describes continuing to remain unwell for months. Kate says it was “a…

  • Background

    Kate is 48 and lives with her partner and 2 children. Ethnicity: White. In October 2020, Kate started to feel a bit unwell. Her symptoms deteriorated and she describes continuing...

  • Age at interview 48
  • Maria

    Maria developed Covid symptoms in late December and got a positive Covid test on her daughter’s third birthday party. Maria’s Long Covid symptoms have lasted longer than she thought, and she felt that her husband had to do a lot…

  • Background

    Maria is a 41-year-old woman living with her husband, 7-year-old son, and 3-year-old daughter, and works in local economic regeneration. Ethnicity: White British.

  • Age at interview 41
  • Gerda

    Gerda became ill in the early days of the national lockdown in March 2020. She wasn’t tested until three months later, and both that and an antigen test came back negative. She was initially very poorly with fatigue, breathing and…

  • Background

    Gerda is a yoga teacher with two children, aged 8 and 13. Ethnic background: White British.

  • Age at interview 43
  • Sara

    Sara developed Covid symptoms in March 2020 around the same time as her husband and daughter. While her husband bounced back, Sara and her daughter didn’t recover for a long time. Sara didn’t feel listened to by health professionals and…

  • Background

    Sara is a 39-year-old researcher living with her husband, 8-year-old daughter, and 6-year-old son.

  • Age at interview 39
  • Poppy

    Poppy developed Covid symptoms in late April 2020, but they got worse around September. Poppy has previously recovered from ME over 20 years ago and is optimistic about recovering from Long Covid too, but she doesn’t know when. Poppy was…

  • Background

    Poppy is a 57-year-old freight train driver living with her husband, and teenage son. Ethnicity: White English.

  • Age at interview 57
  • Sharifa

    Sharifa developed Covid symptoms in 2021, and realised that she was feeling even worse after coming out of self-isolation. Sharifa lost her husband to Covid, and some of her daughters also have Long Covid. Sharifa was interviewed in July 2022.

  • Background

    Sharifa is a 48-year-old widow living with her seven daughters aged 27, 23, 21, 17, 16, 14 and 11, some of whom also have Long Covid. Ethnicity: British Pakistani.

  • Age at interview 48
  • Felix

    Felix has had Long Covid symptoms for seven months. He has bad headaches, chronic pain, and debilitating fatigue. He has seen various health professionals in the UK and in Germany, including the Long Covid clinic, and prescribed various pain medications.

  • Background

    Felix is an overseas student studying at University in the UK. Since having Long Covid he is living at home in Germany with his parents. Ethnic background: German.

  • Hannah

    Hannah developed Covid symptoms in July 2021 but thought they might have been related to her underlying endometriosis. Having Long Covid hasn’t helped Hannah’s anxiety and feeling nauseous so often has been difficult for her. Hannah was interviewed in June…

  • Background

    Hannah is a 20-year-old student living with her mum and dad. Ethnicity: White British.

  • Shakila

    Shakila tested positive for Covid in December 2021. Since having Covid she is always cold, whereas previously she never felt the cold, even in the Winter. She feels more tired, has less energy and she has pains in her leg…

  • Background

    Shakila lives with her teenage son and her elderly mother who she cares for. She is separated from her husband who lives abroad. Her elderly mother has dementia and has...

  • Age at interview 52
  • Lucy

    Lucy became unwell in March 2020, when she began experiencing a fever, shallow breathing and gastrointestinal (stomach) issues. Due to her symptoms, she had to seek medical help and return home to live with her mother. Lucy was interviewed in…

  • Background

    Lucy is 32 years old and a sign language interpreter. She had to return home to live with her mother after her symptoms made it difficult to live independently. Ethnicity:...

  • Age at interview 32