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Felix has had Long Covid symptoms for seven months. He has bad headaches, chronic pain, and debilitating fatigue. He has seen various health professionals in the UK and in Germany, including the Long Covid clinic, and prescribed various pain medications.

  • Background

    Felix is an overseas student studying at University in the UK. Since having Long Covid he is living at home in Germany with his parents. Ethnic background: German.

  • Sharifa

    Sharifa developed Covid symptoms in 2021, and realised that she was feeling even worse after coming out of self-isolation. Sharifa lost her husband to Covid, and some of her daughters also have Long Covid. Sharifa was interviewed in July 2022.

  • Background

    Sharifa is a 48-year-old widow living with her seven daughters aged 27, 23, 21, 17, 16, 14 and 11, some of whom also have Long Covid. Ethnicity: British Pakistani.

  • Age at interview 48
  • Emily

    Emily caught Covid at the start of December 2021. She has had asthma throughout her adult life. As someone trained as a mental health first aider, she recognises the impact of Covid on teachers and children, not just herself. Although…

  • Background

    Emily is in her 40s and was working full-time as a teacher. She describes her ethnicity as white.