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Esther X

Esther tested positive for Covid in January 2021. She unclear when she caught the virus, believing she either caught it attending her grandfather’s funeral or when her family gathered to support her grandmother during that difficult time. Esther was ill…

  • Background

    Esther is 26 years old and is Jewish.

  • Age at interview 26
  • Sofia

    After contracting Covid in early 2021, Sofia struggled with her breathing and mobility. Her specialist has been extremely supportive. Sofia is hopeful that things will improve in the coming months. Sofia was interviewed in May 2021.

  • Background

    Sofia is in her mid-30’s and lives with her husband and four school-age children. She had to give up her job several years ago after being diagnosed with an autoimmune...

  • Age at interview 37
  • Sophie

    In March 2021 Sophie developed severe breathing problems and she now feels that she is beginning to recovery. She feels her GPs haven’t taken her symptoms seriously. She worries about whether her body has been permanently damaged by Covid and…

  • Background

    Sophie is a student and full-time mother of two. She describes her ethnicity as white.