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Helen is certain she caught Covid in March 2020, but there was no testing available at the time to confirm this. Over time her symptoms fell into a “relaxing/remitting type thing,” where she would have some better days, but then…

  • Background

    Helen is 38 and lives with her husband and son. She works part-time as an Academic Researcher. Ethnicity: White English.  

  • Age at interview 38
  • Laurie

    Laurie caught Covid early in the pandemic, which then developed into long Covid. The worst symptom for her was brain fog, which interrupted her ability to work. When she had her first vaccine this helped with her Long Covid symptoms.

  • Background

    Laurie is 59 years old and is White American. She is married with two children and is a professor of music and a musician.

  • Age at interview 59
  • Razia

    Razia found out she was pregnant early during the pandemic. She was concerned about the impact of Covid and the pandemic on her pregnancy. She caught Covid in January 2021 and was in extreme pain. Her baby also suffered from…

  • Background

    Razia is in her 30s and is Pakistani. She is married and has three children. She worked in government services and is setting up a business.

  • Helen X

    Helen caught Covid at a charity cycling event after the first lockdowns eased. She experienced severe headaches and sinus pain but did not have breathing issues. Helen’s symptoms continued for several months after testing negative. Helen was interviewed in May…

  • Background

    Helen is in her 50s and is White British. She works as a midwife.

  • Christian

    Christian described his symptoms as “incredibly mild” when he caught Covid in March 2020. As time went by he became less and less “capable and able” and by the summer he had breathlessness and fatigue. An antibody test in June…

  • Background

    Christian is married with a 16-month year old daughter. He was working as a primary school teacher in March 2020 when he caught Covid.

  • Age at interview 28
  • Claire

    Claire and her sons caught Covid in March 2020. Her oldest son had alarmingly purple/blackening toes for many months but thankfully felt fine, while Claire was badly affected after five days, and both the twins were unwell. Claire and her…

  • Background

    Claire works part time in consultancy. Claire lives with her three sons – twins aged 12 years and a 17-year-old.

  • Age at interview 49
  • Penny

    Penny feels she has been relatively lucky. Her more serious symptoms have been limited to headaches and brain fog. After five weeks of sick leave, she is now well on her way to normality. Looking back, she thinks she’s had…

  • Background

    Penny lives with her partner and has two children aged 3 and 5. She works four days a week and describes her ethnicity as white.

  • Age at interview 34
  • Michael

    Michael began to have Long Covid symptoms after May 2020. He has since had to return home from university and suspend his studies. It was not until he saw a cardiologist that specialised in PoTS did Michael get medication that…

  • Background

    Michael is 22 years old and lives with his parents. His mother also has Long Covid.

  • Age at interview 22
  • Michelle

    In March 2020, Michelle and her family caught Covid on a cruise ship off Australia where 30 people died after catching Covid. Michelle and her son were both very ill with Covid once they returned to the UK; however, her…

  • Background

    Michelle and her wife (Lindsey) were both teachers who have a young son who was two at the start of the pandemic (now 4). Michelle has three older boys from...

  • Age at interview 50