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Heather - Interview 15

Heather took part in a clinical trial as a healthy control. The trial compared the results of tests among healthy children and children with attention deficit and hyperactive disorder. The trial was over one day and involved taking part in lots of different tests. Heather enjoyed the experience.

  • Background

    Heather, aged 18, is White British, has one brother and lives with her parents. She enjoys rock climbing, playing the piano and reading. Heather’s mum volunteered for her to take...

  • Age at interview 18
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Christopher - Interview 16

    Christopher has taken part in three clinical trials as a healthy control. Two of these trials were to compare healthy children's growth and development to that of children with attention deficit and hyperactive disorder (ADHD). He enjoyed the experience.

  • Background

    Christopher is 17 years of age, White British and lives with his parents and elder sister. Christopher is currently studying for his A levels. His hobbies include archery, computing and...

  • Age at interview 17
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Kerenza - Interview 48

    Kerenza is taking part in a research study following young people with arthritis. She has to complete questionnaires about how she feels and how she is coping with any pain.

  • Background

    Kerenza is 15 years of age, White British, attends a local school and lives with her parents and sister. Kerenza enjoys dancing. She was diagnosed with chronic juvenile idiopathic arthritis...

  • Age at interview 15
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Fflur - Interview 49

    Fflur was diagnosed with overlap connective tissue disease with features of arthritis, scleroderma and dermatomyositis at the age of 11 years. She recently took part in a study to find the best way of taking blood samples.

  • Background

    Fflur aged 12, is Welsh, and lives with her parents, brothers and sisters. She attends a local school and loves to do crafts in her spare time.

  • Age at interview 12
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Alisha - Interview 51

    Alisha is taking part in a Cohort Study on children and young people with arthritis that involves completing a self-administered questionnaire at her regular clinic appointments.

  • Background

    Alisha is 13 years of age, White British, lives at home with her parents and siblings and attends a local school. Alisha was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of...

  • Age at interview 13
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Georgia - Interview 63

    Georgia was invited to take part in a research study when she was about five or six years of age, she can't quite remember when. Because her mum and dad said it would be okay and they discussed it with her, she agreed to take part.

  • Background

    Georgia is aged 10, is White British, attends a local school and lives with her mum and siblings. She loves dancing, swimming and athletics and is in the school athletics...

  • Age at interview 10
  • Sex/Gender Female