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Isabel has giant cell arteritis (GCA), a type of systemic vasculitis. She is delighted with the care she has received.

  • Background

    Isabel worked in a bank from the time she left school until she retired. Her husband died recently, and she has two grown-up children. Ethnic background: White Scottish.

  • Age at interview 76
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Brenda

    Brenda has a type of systemic vasculitis called polyarteritis nodosa (PAN), which is under control on medication. She would like to be sure that, if she has a relapse, it will be treated quickly and appropriately.

  • Background

    Brenda is a retired deputy head teacher. She is married with two grown-up children. Ethnic background: White Northern Irish.

  • Age at interview 75
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Jeremy

    Jeremy has microscopic polyangiitis (MPA), a type of AAV affecting his kidneys. The kidney problem was picked up at an annual heart condition check-up and his vasculitis remains relatively benig thanks to timely treatment to suppress his immune system.

  • Background

    Jeremy is a retired railway consultant who still takes on occasional projects. He lives on his own. Ethnic background: White British.

  • Age at interview 72
  • Sex/Gender Male