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For three years Margaret experienced severe pain in her left shoulder that restricted mobility and affected her quality of life. An X-ray showed that she had calcium build up in both shoulders, though the left one also had a bone spur that was impinging on the tendon. She has had decompression surgery in her left shoulder and she is making good recovery. Margaret is awaiting treatment for her right shoulder.

  • Background

    Margaret is married, has no children; retired. Ethnic background: British.

  • Age at interview 71
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Olive

    For three years Olive experienced shoulder pain and received a number of treatments which either provided short-term relief or did not work. Towards the end of the three years, she was in such severe pain that she was put on opiates. Her husband wrote to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, an NHS hospital explaining her situation and asking for help. He was fearful for her emotional and physical wellbeing. Within weeks of seeing the specialist, Olive had her surgery. Since then, things have much improved and she has regained a lot of her arm and shoulder mobility.

  • Background

    Olive is married with two adult children. Ethnic background: Welsh.

  • Age at interview 76
  • Sex/Gender Female