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David had a skiing accident in January 2014 and a subsequent X-ray showed that he had torn some ligaments in his shoulder. His GP sent him for physiotherapy and the injury settled down after about three months, but the achy pain continued. He had decompression surgery that went well. But David went back to work two days after surgery and this has meant a longer rehabilitation period.

  • Background

    David is married with four adult children. He owns a small company. Ethnic background: White.

  • Age at interview 50
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Beverley

    Five years ago, Beverley had arthroscopy manipulation to help with a frozen right shoulder. Two years later, she had the same problem in her left shoulder; had the same type of surgery and regained full movement of her left shoulder. Six months later, her left shoulder became painful and stiff, limiting arm movement. She had decompression surgery three weeks ago and says her left shoulder is still painful and stiff. She still takes painkillers at bedtime and she is doing her rehabilitation exercises three times a day.

  • Background

    Beverley is married with three adult children and grandchildren. She works part-time as a receptionist. Ethnic background: White British.

  • Age at interview 52
  • Sex/Gender Female