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Michael has had alopecia since age 13. Since then, his hair loss has occurred in cycles and particularly when he is stressed about exams. Michael says he is now much more comfortable with alopecia and that he has become a more accepting person.

  • Background

    Michael is 19 years old and an undergraduate university student.

  • Age at interview 19
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Ben

    Ben has alopecia universalis which began as a bald patch at age 14. Ben enjoys some of the attention he receives and says that he is more confident now than when he had hair. He is involved in supporting others with alopecia through social media.

  • Background

    Ben is 18 years old and an undergraduate university student. His ethnicity is White English.

  • Age at interview 18
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Danny

    (Text only clips) Danny has had alopecia since he was born. He says that it doesn't have much of an impact on his life. Danny usually chooses not to cover his head with hats and he doesn't wear a wig, so he has to be careful about using sun cream to prevent sunburn.

  • Background

    Danny is 14 years old and a secondary school student. He lives at home with his mum. His ethnicity is White British.

  • Age at interview 14
  • Sex/Gender Male