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Interview 41

Since diagnosis and until she was sixteen years old she was on a two daily injections of insulin. Until her early teens she had well controlled diabetes, but then it began to slip. She found her insulin regimen oppressive and limiting so when it was changed to short-acting and long acting analogue insulin she had a sense of freedom that she has never experienced before in relation to food and mealtimes. The problem was that around the same time she started to be concerned about her weight and de

  • Background

    Shares a house with a friend. Her advice to other young people who are not doing their insulin injections is to find the courage and to seek help as soon...

  • Age at interview 27
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 40

    She has lived with diabetes most of her life and has been on different insulin types such as NovoRapid and Insulatard. When she was on two insulin injections a day she had a fixed mealtime routine and had to have snacks in between meals. She stopped having her snacks because she thought she was eating too much. She started misusing insulin and developed and eating disorder.

  • Background

    University student; has a boyfriend; living in shared student accommodation with three other friends.

  • Age at interview 20
  • Sex/Gender Female