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Ann's bladder problems started around the time she had radiotherapy after a hysterectomy for uterine cancer. In 2011 she was fitted with a suprapubic catheter, which she'd had for about 4 months at the time of interview.

  • Background

    Ann is a retired doctor. She is widowed and has 3 adult children. Ethnic background / nationality: White British.

  • Age at interview 81
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Kenneth

    Kenneth was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1994. After surgery he found he was incontinent. He had a urethral catheter for 8 years. In 2002 staff found it impossible to insert a new catheter so now he has a urinary sheath (a 'Conveen') to collect urine.

  • Background

    Kenneth was an engineer and surveyor before he retired. He is married and he has two grown up children. Ethnic background/nationality: White British

  • Age at interview 80
  • Sex/Gender Male