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In 2010 Gavin had an accident when he slipped on some wet decking. He was paralysed and fitted with a urethral catheter in hospital. This was later changed to a suprapubic catheter. Gavin and his wife had a baby daughter after his accident.

  • Background

    Gavin is married with 2 children. Ethnic background/nationality: White British.

  • Age at interview 28
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Jade

    In 2003 (when aged 13) Jade was diagnosed with Fowler's Syndrome. Since then she has had a urethral catheter, and a suprapubic catheter. Now she empties her bladder by self catherisation. She feels well, has a positive attitude and lives life to the full.

  • Background

    Jade is a student mental health nurse. She is single, and has a baby and is on maternity leave. Nationality/ethnic background: White British.

  • Age at interview 22
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Jennifer

    Jennifer had many urine infections and one day, when aged 19, found she could not pass urine. At first she tried self catheterisation and then a urethral catheter. She also had a sacral neuromodulator which had to be removed. Now she has a suprapubic catheter.

  • Background

    Jennifer is a secretary. She is single. Nationality/Ethnic background: White British.

  • Age at interview 26
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Faye

    In 2007 Faye became ill and found it impossible to pass urine. She had intermittent catheterisation until 2009, when she had an indwelling urethral catheter for a while. She now has a suprapubic catheter. Faye often has urine infections and feels unwell.

  • Background

    Faye was a health care assistant before she had to stop work due to ill health. She is single. Ethnic background/nationality: White British.

  • Age at interview 29
  • Sex/Gender Female