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P. - Interview 16

P. has been retired for 35 years but still continues to undertake research and has published more than 30 papers since his retirement. He likes to try and be active as much as he can during the day and doesn't like to doze off in the evening because he feels that is a waste of time. He does sometimes have difficulty getting off to sleep, but finds that reading a book often helps with this.

  • Background

    Widowed, retired University Professor

  • Age at interview 95
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Stanley - Interview 21

    Stanley has been retired for nearly 30 years. Since his retirement he has had a major illness and an accident, both which disturbed his sleep, but he is now feeling a lot better and believes his sleep is improving slowly. He keeps himself very active, doing his own shopping, cooking and cleaning most of the time and believes it is important to keep busy during the day.

  • Background

    Widowed, three children, retired Dairy Manager.

  • Age at interview 93
  • Sex/Gender Male