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Ruth - Interview 01

Ruth received an e-mail at work inviting colleagues to take part in a clinical trial on the vaccine for swine flu for children under 3 years of age. Although Ruth is supportive of clinical trials in general she decided to decline.

  • Background

    Ruth is married and mother of George aged 22 months. Ruth works full time in Higher Education and describes herself as White British. Ruth declined to enrol her son on...

  • Age at interview 38
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Catherine - Interview 08

    Whilst Mikey was on a Neonatal Unit Catherine took part in a trial looking at gut and bowel deformities in healthy and poorly babies. Soon after discharge from the Unit Catherine was invited to enroll Mikey onto a vaccine trial, this time she declined.

  • Background

    Catherine is married and mother of their first child Mikey. Until taking maternity leave Catherine worked full time as a Social Worker and describes herself as White British. Catherine was...

  • Age at interview 27
  • Sex/Gender Female