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Alison - Interview 14

Alison talks about her experiences of three different clinical trials since the birth of her son. Two whilst in the neonatal unit of which one she was not eligible. The third trial involved her son receiving Growth Hormone Treatment.

  • Background

    Alison, aged 39 years is White British, works part time as a music teacher and lives with her husband and three children. Her son was diagnosed with Intrauterine Growth Restriction...

  • Age at interview 39
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Lisa - Interview 17

    Callum was 2lb 12oz at birth and at the age of four years was small compared to his peers. Since being on growth hormones Callum has now caught up and is nearly the same size as his peers. He continues to be in the trial and enjoys taking part.

  • Background

    Lisa, aged 37 years, is White British, recently married and has two children aged eight and five years. Now a homemaker, Lisa previously worked as a Support Worker. Her eldest...

  • Age at interview 37
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Charmaine - Interview 19

    Charmaine consented for her youngest child, Courtney to receive Growth Hormone Treatment as part of a clinical trial. This was not an easy decision at the time, although now she is pleased she did. After five years Courtney has withdrawn from the trial.

  • Background

    Charmaine, aged 36 years is White British and married with two children ages 12 and 15 years. Charmaine works part time as a Maternity Support Worker. Her youngest child took...

  • Age at interview 36
  • Sex/Gender Female