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Fenella - Interview 20

Fenella took part in a randomised trial of partial hospitalisation compared to standard community treatment for borderline personality disorder. Results showed the group she was in (partial hospitalisation) had better outcomes.

  • Background

    Fenella is a clinical audit assistant in a mental health NHS trust. She is single. Ethnic background/nationality: White South African, UK citizen.

  • Age at interview 41
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Anton - Interview 28

    Anton has a long history of depression and has volunteered for several different trials in mental health, including trials of talking therapies as well as drug trials.

  • Background

    Anton is an auditor. He is single. Ethnic background/nationality: Sri Lankan. (You can see more of Anton talking about his experiences of depression on our site on Mental health’ ethnic...

  • Age at interview 64
  • Sex/Gender Male