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Miriam - Interview 5

Miriam discovered that she carries the gene for Tay Sachs as a teenager. She arranged to marry her husband who does not carry the gene and expects their children will be tested anonymously.

  • Background

    Miriam is a kindergarten teacher and married with five children. Ethnic background/nationality: Orthodox Jewish

  • Age at interview 47
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Nicole and Katy - Interview 11

    Two of Nicole's children have been screened for the Tay Sachs gene and are carriers. It's thought the gene was passed down through her husband's family, although Tay Sachs has never been discussed openly in her husband's family.

  • Background

    Nicole works as a caterer and a nursery school teacher. She is married and has three children aged 21, 27 (Katy) and 28. Ethnic background/nationality: Jewish.

  • Age at interview 54
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Dr and Mrs Koch - Interview 35

    Dr and Mrs Koch had two babies who were born with Tay Sachs disease and died in childhood.

  • Background

    Dr Koch is a retired pathologist. Dr and Mrs Koch have two grown up children. Ethnic background nationality: Jewish

  • Sex/Gender Male