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Helen - Interview 2

Helen's late husband, Ivor was diagnosed with Factor XI Deficiency in 1995, which explained why he had always bruised and bled easily. In 2002, Ivor died from a stroke two days after a minor operation in which he agreed to try a new clotting agent.

  • Background

    Helen is the widow of Ivor. Helen and Ivor had two children, Ruth (an IT consultant, aged 55) and Colin (an accountant, aged 51). Ethnic background/nationality: British/Jewish

  • Age at interview 77
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Deborah - Interview 24

    Deborah was diagnosed with a Factor XI Deficiency of less than 1%, aged 45. She has fresh frozen plasma before, during and after any surgery. Her younger son was also found to have a deficiency of less than 1%.

  • Background

    Deborah is a retired secretary/foreign correspondent and translator. She is married with two children. Ethnic background/nationality: Jewish English

  • Age at interview 75
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Stewart and Marilyn - Interview 29

    Stewart was diagnosed with Factor XI Deficiency after falling seriously ill as a result of a liver biopsy.

  • Background

    Stewart and Marilyn are married and have two grown up children. Stewart worked as a taxi driver and Marilyn is a care worker. Ethnic background/ nationality: Jewish

  • Sex/Gender Male