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Michelle - Interview 51

Michelle is currently on anti-TNF treatment' Humira. She has taken Methotrexate for a number of years but has had breaks in between following a biopsy that revealed liver scarring. Michelle was diagnosed with osteopenia (a milder form of osteoporosis) in her spine and needs to take calcium tablets regularly.

  • Background

    Michelle is a university graduate and works in the field of education at university level. She is planning to move to France and to work either teaching English or doing...

  • Age at interview 25
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Sarah - Interview 54

    Until two years ago Sarah had very bad arthritis and was in severe pain. Her consultant applied and was granted funding to put her on anti-TNF treatment' Enbrel. Sarah describes Enbrel as 'completely and totally changing her life'.

  • Background

    Sarah lives at home with her parents and works part-time. She is planning to go back to college to do an animal care course. Ethnic background/nationality: White British.

  • Age at interview 22
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 29

    RA diagnosed '90 & Juvenile RA age 8-11. Significant DMARD side-effects. Had breast cancer '98 & drugs also relieved RA. Methotrexate 15mg/week, folic acid 5mg 6/7 days, daily Diclofenac, Tamoxifen 20mg & Nibedipine 20mg. Paracetemol & Zantac as required.

  • Background

    Full time senior position within the NHS, single, no children. Family history of arthritis.

  • Age at interview 49
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 33

    Juvenile chronic arthritis diagnosed 1990. Initially NSAIDs, then methotrexate but nausea & then oral steroids from age 15. Finger tendon repair & hip replacement (01) Currently Anti-TNF Humira injected 2/month, indometacin, co-codamol & Lansoprazole.

  • Background

    Student, single, no children. Lives at home with mother.

  • Age at interview 21
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 02

    Polymyalgia/palindromic arthritis episodes '88-92, RA diagnosed '94 & OA. Daily Voltarol 75mg, Defalzacort 6mg, pain killers & Methotrexate 25mg/wk (folic acid 5/7 days). Some steroid pulses. 2 hips, 2 knees replaced due to OA & shoulder operation proposed.

  • Background

    Retired journalist/shopkeeper currently studying for an Open University degree. Married with 4 adult children.

  • Age at interview 70
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 08

    Polyarthralgia 1983 & '90. RA diagnosed '91 after knee pain & general decrease in mobility. Side-effects from Gold injections & some NSAIDs; knee injections helped. Now Methotrexate10mg/wk (+folic acid) & Ibuprofen 1/day & pain killers. Sjogren's syndrome.

  • Background

    Retired secretary, widowed with 2 adult children.

  • Age at interview 68
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 06

    RA began with stiff neck and initial severe flare lasting months; 11 yrs - no further symptoms; then 2 acute flares in 2 years. Steroid injections helped. Currently on Methotrexate 10mg /week & daily hydroxychloroquine 400mg, Ranitidine 300mg & folic acid.

  • Background

    Pre-school assistant (part time), married with 3 young children (all born since RA diagnosed).

  • Age at interview 42
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 10

    RA diagnosed after wrist problems & then overall disability. Some joint injections. RA medication' Gold 20mg/month, Diclofenac & Solpadol daily, Movelat (NSAID gel), Zopiclone (Sleep). Other drugs for ulcer, blood pressure, Emphysema, stroke and migraine.

  • Background

    Retired miner and HGV driver. Married with 3 adult children. Family history of RA.

  • Age at interview 65
  • Sex/Gender Male