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Dennis -Interview 01

Dennis first became aware of immobility in his right arm in 2008. The second time it happened he went to the GP and was told he'd had a TIA. He takes medication and has been fine ever since. He is taking part in a TIA research study.

  • Background

    Dennis is married with three children and five grandchildren. He is a retired music educationist and a practicing composer. Ethnic background’ White English.

  • Age at interview 83
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Brian - Interview 25

    Brian was sitting at his desk completing some paperwork when he began to feel disorientated and was unable to write coherently. His secretary noticed something was wrong and called for help. He was taken to hospital where after a short while the symptoms disappeared. The duration of the TIA episode was relatively short and there have been no further repercussions since then.

  • Background

    Brian is a world famous author whose novels and stories have been published all around the world, and he has been awarded an OBE for his writing. More recently he...

  • Age at interview 85
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Stella and Deborah - Interview 20

    Stella had a stroke in 2009 and her left side was paralysed. She spent several months in hospital and now lives in a nursing home. Since the stroke she has had several TIAs, which often leave her feeling tired, but she does not remember much about them.

  • Background

    Stella is a retired teacher, and she is widowed. Her daughter Deborah is a self-employed book-keeper. Ethnic background/nationality: White English.

  • Age at interview 82
  • Sex/Gender Female