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Interview 43

He had a stroke due to a haemorrhage age 70 which caused right sided weakness and problems with balance and speech. He as also had some depression and anxiety. Medication' enalapril maleate (blood pressure), furosemide (water), citalopram (depression).

  • Background

    Is a married father with 2 adopted, adult children. He is a retired lecturer. Ethnic background/nationality: Indian/English.

  • Age at interview 74
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Interview 45

    She had a stroke due to a clot aged 72 which caused left weakness of her leg and arm. Medication' amplodopine, doxazosin, enalapril (blood pressure) furosemide (water), simvastatin, aspirin (cholesterol), fluoxetine (depression).

  • Background

    Is a widow with 4 adult children. She is a housewife. Ethnic background/nationality: Pakistani/English.

  • Age at interview 76
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 24

    She had her stroke during a hip operation at the age of 78. The stroke caused right partial paralysis and some pain in the leg. Medication' aspirin (antiplatelet) panadol (pain).

  • Background

    Is a married mother with 2 adult children. She is a retired hospital ancillary worker. Ethnic background/nationality: White/Scottish.

  • Age at interview 79
  • Sex/Gender Female