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Interview 49

She had a stroke due a clot caused by a hereditary clotting disorder age 29, which caused aphasia, right paralysis and epilepsy. Medication' lipitor (cholesterol), warfarin (anticoagulant), tegretol, epilim (epilepsy), baclofen (spasms in arm).

  • Background

    Is single with no children. She is a secretary but has not worked since her stroke. Ethnic background/nationality: White/Australian/English.

  • Age at interview 34
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Interview 09

    She had a stroke at the age of 30 due to a clot which possibly originated from a hole in her heart. The stroke could also have been caused by smoking. Her stroke caused visual memory and visual field defects. Medication' simvastatin (cholesterol), aspirin (anticoagulation).

  • Background

    Is a married mother of 2. Was a production operator but is not working because of her stroke and young family. Ethnic background/nationality: White/Scottish.

  • Age at interview 31
  • Sex/Gender Female