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Elisabet - Interview 08

Elisabet was diagnosed in 1990. In 2006, she had deep brain stimulation which was successful and has improved her symptoms considerably.

  • Background

    Married, 2 children, still working as a nutrionist.

  • Age at interview 67
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Neil - Interview 21

    Diagnosed 13 years ago, Neil has had GDNF and deep brain stimulation which improved his symptoms. Now he has stiffness, slow walking, and sometimes his speech is affected.

  • Background

    Partner, 3 step-children, retired HGV driver.

  • Age at interview 48
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Andrew - Interview 25

    Andrew was diagnosed with PD 19 years ago. He has had the Deep Brain Stimulation operation twice. His symptoms are moderately well controlled.

  • Background

    Widower, 2 adult children. Lives alone.

  • Age at interview 74
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Joe - Interview 32

    Joe developed Parkinson's disease while in his 40's. Deep Brain Stimulation when he was 60 produced a dramatic improvement in his symptoms.

  • Background

    Civil partnership.

  • Age at interview 64
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Khadim - Interview 38

    Khadim's Parkinsons disease was diagnosed in 2002. Although he was tried on many different treatments none of them helped. In January 2008 he was given Deep Brain Stimulation. This has been very successful.

  • Background

    Machine setter, Married, 5 children.

  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Stephen - Interview 44

    Stephen was diagnosed with PD when he was 33. After several years when no medication proved successful this was redefined as Parkinsonism and he was offered the DBS operation, This was carried out in 2005 with very good results.

  • Background

    Driver. Divorced 2 children.

  • Age at interview 42
  • Sex/Gender Male