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Alan - Interview 03

Diagnosed in 1992, Alan can't walk until he has taken his morning medication. He has ballroom dancing lessons once a week which keeps him fit and mobile.

  • Background

    Married, 2 adult children, retired dental laboratory owner.

  • Age at interview 67
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Tom - Interview 06

    Tom was 27 when he was diagnosed. His medication includes levodopa. He experiences 'on' and 'off' periods most days. During the on period he may also have dyskinesia. He set up the Cure Parkinson's Trust.

  • Background

    Married, runs cureparkinsons. Org

  • Age at interview 40
  • Sex/Gender Male
  • Geraldine - Interview 28

    Geraldine was diagnosed in 1990. She was a single parent with three teenage children. She never-the-less succeeded in holding increasingly demanding executive jobs in the voluntary sector and was finally chief executive of the Charities Commission before retiring recently. And she is still working on many projects and committees.

  • Background

    Divorcee with three children. Head of Charities Commission. Retired. Now works between Toronto and Wells as a part-time consultant on social finance and governance.

  • Age at interview 60
  • Sex/Gender Female