Patient and public involvement in research

Profiles - Involved for under 5 years


Nadeem is married with two children, aged 29 and 27. He used to work in local government and now works as an assistant manager in a small retail outlet. Ethnic background: British Pakistani.


Beryl was an NHS manager for nineteen years. She is divorced and has two children. Ethnic background/ nationality: White English.

David Z

David is married and has two grown-up children. He is a retired senior university lecturer. Ethnic background: White/British.


Ben has three children and is divorced. He works as a van sales driver. Ethnic background: White/British.


When we interviewed him, Stephen was single and living with his parents. Sadly Stephen passed away in May 2014. Stephen became well known for his bucket list wish to raise £1 million for a cancer charity. At the time of writing he had raised over £4.3 million. Ethnic background: White/British.


Charles is married and has two grown-up children, aged 44 and 42. He is retired from his job as a research manager. Ethnic background: White British.


Catherine is a self-employed telesales consultant. She is widowed and lives with her 14 year old daughter. Ethnic background: White British.


Marney works as a maths teacher and tutor. Ethnic background: White/British.


Margaret is widowed and has one daughter aged 30. She is retired now, but previously worked providing information and support to patients undergoing radiotherapy. Ethnic background: White British.

Dave X

Dave is a retired vehicle delivery driver. He is married and has two grown-up children, aged 44 and 42, and three grandchildren. Ethnic background: White/English.


Alan is partnered. He is a retired communications engineer. Ethnic background: White British.

Dave G

Dave is married and has one daughter, who is 30. He is retired, but worked as a deputy head teacher in a junior school. Before that, he trained as a nurse. Ethnic background: European.


Neil is married and has two grown-up children, aged 39 and 36. He is a retired NATO Visiting Professor of physics. Ethnic background: White Scottish.
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