Gender: Female

Pronouns: She / Her

In her mid-teens Tyra started to explore her gender identity and came out as trans and sought support from her family and her GP. Her GP did not help, and her family’s response was mixed. She could not afford the private care pathway for hormones and Tyra struggled with her mental health and with gender dysphoria.

Several years later Tyra found another GP who was willing to listen to her and referred her to the NHS Gender Identity Clinic (GIC). She remembers being so excited about her first appointment at the GIC because something was happening, for so long it was nothing. At assessments she saw a black therapist which helped her to feel that she understood the issues Tyra had been facing with her family and Tyra felt listened to and understood. She was made aware of resources such as voice training and outreach services and community groups which were a lifeline. A shared care agreement was set up with her GP for hormones. Tyra felt her life was now in motion.

Being black and transfeminine it is hard to find representation in the trans community. Tyra feels she does not have to fit into a stereotype instead she has to find comfort with herself. She knows herself and that’s what matters.

Mindfulness has helped with her mental health as does having a vision of her future self who is at peace with herself.

Tyra feels GPs should be aware of what services are available for trans youth. She would like to see changes to trans healthcare where it’s a mandatory requirement that GPs have to be informed about trans healthcare and that there needs to be more support given to people while on the waiting list for the gender identity service.

Tyra talks about her journey with mindfulness and how it has supported her mental health.

Age at interview 25

Tyra talks about their experiences of race, class and religion and the impact on accessing healthcare.

Age at interview 25

Tyra talks about their experience of youth groups for LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Age at interview 25

Tyra talks about the burden for trans people when having to represent themselves in the media.

Age at interview 25

Tyra talks about watching My Transsexual Summer’ and early experiences of gender at school.

Age at interview 25

Tyra moved to NHS care from private care and was impressed by the number of resources available, it was a lifeline.

Age at interview 25