Pat – Interview 48

Pat was interviewed jointly with her husband Glyn (interview 40) who has a type of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia that resists chemotherapy and hence has a poorer prognosis. Pat talks about supporting Glyn through his illness and its effects on her.

Pat’s husband Glyn was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) two and a half years ago. When his leukaemia didn’t respond to chemotherapy they found out that he had a chromosomal abnormality that made his leukaemia resistant to chemotherapy and hence his life expectancy is much shorter than is usual with CLL. After several unsuccessful chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments he is now doing well on an experimental drug called lenolidomide (Revlimid).

Pat feels that her husband’s illness has brought them closer together because they have done everything together since his diagnosis. Their social life has been somewhat curtailed because Glyn has been cautious about mixing with large numbers of people in public places so as to avoid contracting infections. They have also restricted themselves to UK-based holidays for the same reason and because travel insurance would be more expensive for Glyn than it was before his illness.

Pat and Glyn’s journey has been an emotional roller coaster because of the changes in prognosis. As Glyn’s condition has been steadily improving over the last year they are now feeling optimistic about the future and hope that they will be able to resume a more normal social life.

Pat found dealing with her husband Glyn’s leukaemia an emotional roller coaster and sometimes…

Age at interview 63

Gender Female