Lisa – Interview 25

Lisa, 17, describes herself as slim. She worries about her father’s health since he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Ethnic background: White British.

Lisa, 17, describes herself as slim, although she’s noticed that she’s recently put on a little weight. She thinks she’s started to gain weight as she’s got older, because before she could eat what she wanted and not put any weight on. Lisa says she’s worried about putting weight on because she thinks it would be hard to lose it again.

Lisa says she sometimes feels jealous of celebrities figures because they look so perfect and thinks this can influence girls to stop eating. She thinks that it’s easy for people with lots of money (e.g. celebrities) to lose weight because they have the money hire a personal trainer or a chef. She thinks healthy food is expensive and says it’s much cheaper and quicker to buy and cook a pizza.

Lisa’s mum does most of the shopping and cooking in her house. Lisa says that because her mum is on a diet, she doesn’t buy fatty foods when she goes shopping. Lisa worries about her father who has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Although he’s lost weight, Lisa says she worries he might put the weight back on because of his diet. Lisa isn’t worried about her own health though.

Lisa is worried about her Dad having a heart attack due to excess weight and high blood pressure and Amy says that her uncle changed his diet after a health scare and feels better.

Age at interview 17

Gender Female