Holly’s son was 2 months old when he was burnt after his skin was accidentally touched by a hot dummy holder. Her son’s burn did not heal properly at first because of cow’s milk protein allergy.

Holly’s son was 2 months old when a hot dummy holder accidentally touched his back and he was burnt. After ringing 111, Holly was told to go her local A&E with her son where his burn was assessed. The healthcare staff at A&E told Holly she would need to travel to a more specialised children’s burns unit the next day.

At the appointment at the burns unit the next day, healthcare staff spoke to Holly about her son potentially needing laser treatment because of hypertrophic scarring. Holly felt upset when this was mentioned as she worried about her son needing to go under anaesthetic. In the end the healthcare staff decided not to operate as the operation may worsen the scarring. Holly felt guilty at the fact that her son had already experienced a burn injury and may need to “go through more”.

Holly had not foreseen how long recovery from a burn injury can take, and she found this to be surprising and upsetting. Her son’s burn was taking longer to heal than the burns staff had envisioned, and eventually they discovered that this was due to a cow’s milk protein allergy.

Thinking about the future, Holly felt unsure about how her son would feel about his burn. Sometimes she worries that he would feel self-conscious about his appearance because of it. When this happens, Holly tries to remind herself that her son’s scar is a small size and that what happened was an accident. As her children are still young, Holly has not yet had a conversation with them about appearance and body image, and says she will “cross that bridge when we come to it”.

Holly would sometimes need to take days off to take her son to his appointments at the burns centre. When she told her employer this, she said they were “really understanding” about it and never questioned her.

Holly thinks it’s better if healthcare professionals give a little bit of information about burn injuries at a time.

When her son was burnt, Holly told us she needed to take things one day at a time.

Holly, whose son was burnt as a baby, worries about how he will feel about his appearance as he grows up.

Holly’s son’s burn did not heal properly because he had a cow’s milk protein allergy.

Holly’s employer was understanding when she told them she would need to take time off in the future to attend her son’s hospital appointments.