Hazeem had Covid in August 2021 and spent three days in hospital. An ECG detected an abnormal heart rhythm, and he was diagnosed with Brugada syndrome (the condition affects the way electrical signals pass through the heart and it can cause the heart to beat dangerously fast). He lost his sense of taste and smell; his taste has returned but his sense of smell is limited. Hazeem’s body strength has reduced, and he gets more tired and out of breath much faster, which limits how much he can do in one day. His plans for work have changed since having Covid but he is hoping he will be able to find some other work. He draws strength from his Muslim faith and hopes for a better future. Hazeem was interviewed in May 2022.

Hazeem had chills, temperature, and fatigue when he tested positive for Covid in August 2021. Through the night the chills became worse, and he was vomiting frequently. He has never felt as bad as he did that night and he called for an ambulance. The paramedics did an ECG which showed an irregular heart rhythm and Brugada syndrome and they took him to hospital. Hazeem felt scared. The doctors were unsure if the Brugada syndrome was from childhood or as a result of Covid.

He stayed in hospital for 3 days until his chills passed. He was able to speak to his family on video calls, but the time spent in hospital was scary for Hazeem because he did not know what was happening to him.

Hazeem lost his sense of taste and smell with Covid. His sense of taste returned within a couple of weeks, but his sense of smell is still limited. He still can’t smell the way he used to; he can no longer smell the fresh air or perfumes, but he can smell really strong smells like if something is burning or on fire. Hazeem’s doctor told him his smell will return and as it’s not completely gone, he’s not too worried about it. His heart condition is more of a worry for himself and his wife.

Hazeem’s body strength has also decreased since having Covid. Due to Brugada syndrome, Hazeem can no longer use the gym or do heavy lifting. He gets tired and out of breath a little quicker than before. Before Covid, Hazeem could do his gardening and lawn mowing in one day but now he needs to split it over two days because he gets out of breath. He hasn’t spoken to his doctor about it.

Hazeem is having follow up care for his Brugada syndrome diagnosis and he may need to have a pacemaker fitted. Having Brugada syndrome also affects the type of work Hazeem can do. He recently failed a medical to be a taxi driver and is now looking at what other work he might be able to do with his medical condition.

Hazeem hasn’t read too much about Long Covid because he doesn’t find it easy to translate some of the English words, but if someone talked to him about it he would like to learn.

Having been in hospital with Covid, he is scared of catching Covid again and needing to return to hospital, so he avoids crowded places. Hazeem felt a bit uncertain about the vaccine at first but since having Covid he says Covid is worse, so he has had his vaccines.

He draws strength from his Muslim faith, and he tries to stay positive that the future will be better.

Hazeem has had to reduce his work hours due to symptoms despite being the primary earner for his family.

Hazeem doesn’t have the skills to search for information himself and prefers to hear information verbally.