Gender: Male

Pronouns: He / Him / His

Cas is an asexual trans man. He is currently studying for his a-levels. Cas started his trans journey at about fourteen years of age. Cas explained that he started to feel uncomfortable wearing feminine clothing, but he could not really explain how he felt as LGBTQIA+ identities were disapproved of and not talked about in school or society. This was a confusing time for Cas who went into what he describes as a dark depressio as he felt like he could not properly explore his gender identity or have it accepted.

Soon after, Cas felt able to come out to his mum, who he says was really accepting. He has also came out to wider family, but received mixed responses. Cas says that since he has come out as male he has felt more comfortable in his gender identity and like it’s who I was meant to be

Cas’s describes finding his periods very uncomfortable and distressing and spoke with his doctor about different methods to stop them. A mutual decision was made to start progesterone injections to stop Cas’s periods which was an important first step.

Cas says that getting a referral from his GP to the gender identity development service (GIDS) was a positive experience because again it felt like he was making steps towards where he wanted to be. He also commented the support that the GP has given me generally has been quite positive

Cas says to other trans people there is a feeling of relief when you are able to find the courage and in often cases bravery to seek support and take that first step. He says to health professionals to explain trans health care in simpler terms so that everyone can understand what they are pursing.

Cas talks about managing periods with progesterone injections.

Age at interview 16

Cas talks about self-harm, cutting, and the importance of keeping the wounds clean.

Age at interview 16

Cas describes asexuality as a whole spectrum’ and shares his experience of being quoisexual’ and the discrimination that exists.

Age at interview 16

Cas talks about his experience of wearing a binder I didn’t know how at first.

Age at interview 16

Cas talks about his wishes for inclusive LGBTQ+ education.

Age at interview 16

Cas says private healthcare is more to do with a capitalistic approach to get money.

Age at interview 16