Amy – Interview 26

Amy, 16, has been trying to lose weight. She thinks she gained weight since she started college. Ethnic background: White British.

Amy, 16, has been trying to lose weight. She thinks she started to gain weight over Christmas but also thinks that she’s gained weight since starting college because she used to walk to school but now takes the bus. She also thinks the food in the college canteen doesn’t help.

Amy thinks everyone hates their body shape. Ideally, she would like to be a size 10. She says it’s really hard trying to change your body shape or lose weight, and that nothing seems to work. She’s been trying to eat healthily by choosing salads and not eating biscuits etc and has joined the gym at college, but with her college work and part-time job, she says she hasn’t had time to go. She says being so busy has also affected her diet because she used eat healthy meals, but now doesn’t have the time, so usually has just a sandwich at work and then is hungry when she gets home late at night.

Lisa is worried about her Dad having a heart attack due to excess weight and high blood pressure and Amy says that her uncle changed his diet after a health scare and feels better.

Age at interview 16

Gender Female