Thoughts about causes of systemic vasculitis

This page covers thoughts about causes of systemic vasculitis
Some people talked to us about what they thought might have caused their vasculitis. Steve was among those who said there were a lot of unknowns. Jane and Karen understood there may be several contributing factors rather than a single cause.

Steve is frustrated that people expect him to know what causes vasculitis when “medical science doesn’t.”

Jane thinks there may be a number of reasons for her getting vasculitis, but she no longer blames herself.

Angharad, Isabella and Jane mentioned possible genetic links as they have family members affected by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Due to family history, Lynn has “always had something in the back of my head that has thought that something like this would happen.” Dawn is concerned that her daughter is showing similar symptoms. However, Jeremy – who wondered if he should alert his brother – was reassured by his consultant that there was no genetic element.
In trying to understand what had “triggered” his initial symptoms, Graham questioned whether it could have been a fall in the garden or the upset of his brother dying. Peter had wondered if two operations in quick succession might have set his vasculitis in motion. Nicola felt there was “not an ounce of coincidence” that vasculitis came into her life after she had experienced family illnesses and bereavements, including the loss of her baby son Theo.

Although Dawn had always been healthy, she believes a “stressful life” led to her getting vasculitis.

Other people thought of vasculitis as “just one of these things” that happens.

Salma tells medical students she is comforted by her faith in Allah, believing that vasculitis was “sent to me by Him for whatever reason.”

Nicky said, “I don’t know why it picked on me and I wish it hadn’t [laughs].” In Pete’s view, there was “No point in deliberating on ‘Why me?’ or ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ because I couldn’t think of anything that could have contributed towards it.”

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