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This website has been highlighted as a trusted source of information by iNews in an article discussing the problem of fake health information online. Health correspondent Paul Gallagher reports that Macmillan Cancer Support has employed a Digital Nurse Specialist, Ellen McPake, to help combat inaccurate cancer information on the internet. The article cites a YouGov poll, commissioned by Macmillan, that found that 42% of people with cancer look up information about their illness online. Ellen McPake is quoted as saying ‘As more and more people seek information about their cancer online, we want them to know that charities like Macmillan are able to offer reliable health advice.’ The article lists 5 websites that provide reliable cancer information, including, Cancer Research and NHS Choices. ‘If you are living with a health problem, it can be useful and reassuring to hear stories from others going through the same things’ writes Gallagher, describing how can help readers ‘what the day to day reality is, as well as how other people have coped and looked after themselves.’

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