Drugs and Alcohol (young people)

Profiles - Young people aged 21-24

Harry - Interview 03

Full-time student, single. White British. Harry is on treatment and recovering from psychosis. He blames cannabis/skunk for his illness. He said that his parents have been very supportive throughout this episode.

Stefanie - Interview 27

Stefanie lives with her partner and works full time in the film and television industry. She felt a lot of pressure from others in school to take drugs, but has always avoided it. At school she was warned against drugs but not alcohol. Ethnic background: White British.

Craig - Interview 18

Craig lives with mum and dad and works part-time in a newsagent. Ethnic background: White British.

Jim - Interview 19

Jim lives with his partner and their baby. He works as a retail assistant. He plans to study and wants to work as a drug education practitioner. Ethnic background: White British.

Joe - Interview 29

Joe works in administration. He's single and shares a flat with friends. He is interested in health and fitness, jogs regularly and recently ran a marathon for charity.

Raphael - Interview 30

Raphael is a full-time public sector worker, and is getting married soon. Ethnic background: White.

Kim - Interview 31

Kim is a full-time customer service officer, and is engaged to be married. She drinks less alcohol now and says that she enjoys it more because she can remember what happened the previous evening. She is also trying to quit smoking, and has cut down to two or three a day.

Stephanie - Interview 33

Stephanie has a partner and goes to college part time. Shewants to get a qualification in counselling. She thinks that many people drink for the 'wrong' reasons like getting over a breaking up, or trying to forget a problem. Ethnic background: White British

Kayleigh - Interview 12

Kayleigh is married and lives with her husband and their two small children. She worked full-time until a couple of years ago but now she describes herself as a 'stays at home mum'. She is involved in the activities of her local YWCA [now Platform 51] and her children attend their creche. Ethnic background: British.
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