Christine - Interview 34

Age at interview: 57
Brief Outline: Christine had cervical screening in 2007 using liquid-based cytology. She has always had normal test results.
Background: Christine is a Receptionist ' General Practice. She is married with 2 adult children. Ethnic background/nationality' White British.

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Christine had cervical screening in 2007 using liquid-based cytology. She has always had normal test results, apart from one time when she had an inadequate result.
She prefers the new method of cervical screening because the procedure was quicker and more comfortable. She also received her results much quicker than in the past, in 2 or 3 weeks, rather than 6 weeks. 
She says the nurse always puts her at ease and is very gentle, so she has never experienced any pain.
Christine goes for screening because she has a family history of cancer, so she wants to make sure that if any changes do occur, they are caught early and can be treated.
She encourages others to go for cervical screening, especially young sexually active women who might be embarrassed. She says it such a quick, simple, pain-free procedure, it is worth having it done.
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Christine felt liquid-based cytology was a quicker procedure and much more comfortable.

And with it being liquid-based cytology, did you actually notice anything different when they were doing the smear?
It’s a lot quicker, a lot more comfortable. I think it’s just a lot quicker. You’re not messing about with getting things sterilised and then putting it on to those little [slides], because that’s where sometimes the error is made isn’t it? There’s not enough of that put onto the slide and then you’ve got to put it into them little plastic containers which are, yeah it was very fiddly wasn’t it that?
And what did they do? Did you see that what they did?
It’s a little pot and they actually take the smear and then take the head off and put it into the liquid pot. The whole pot is sent away, sealed so nobody can get into it. And it’s done straightaway. As soon as they’ve taken it, that’s the first thing they do is put it into that pot.
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Christine's liquid-based cytology screening test results came back quicker than they had done in...

Liquid-based cytology I had, which is a lot quicker. And the results come back a lot quicker. It used to take at least six weeks for the results to come back on the old way. But on this new one, it usually takes two to three weeks which I find is nice for, for everybody, especially if they worry about having smears and what the results can be or will be.
How do you actually get your results?
By post. The result goes back to the surgery by a courier from the hospital. I think I believe it’s a receptionist or a secretary puts it onto the screen. Where then the secretary would write us a letter to say either your smear has come back okay or, they don’t write that they found a problem. They just would write RE' results of your smear would you please make an appointment with the nurse or the doctor.’ And that’s the way we get it and we get it in the post, so it goes out that same day first class.
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