Alport Syndrome

Profiles - Age 31-40


Deborah is engaged to be married. She works full-time. Ethnicity: White British.


Amanda was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome at the age of 33. She works part-time as a community living worker. Ethnicity: White Scottish.


Frances works full time as a learning support worker. She has a daughter aged 11 and a son aged 7. Ethnicity: White Scottish.


Alison lives with her partner. She works full-time as an administrative assistant. White Scottish.


Debra works part time in recruitment. She is married and has a son, aged 3 who does not have Alport Syndrome. Ethnicity: White Scottish.


Sammy works part-time as a teaching assistant. She lives with her husband. Ethnicity: Pakistani.

Richard Y

Richard Y works as a full time engineer. He and his partner have an 18 months old daughter. Ethnicity: White English.


Jayne works part time as an office clerk. She is married and has two children, aged 10 and 8. Ethnicity: White British.


Angela works part-time at a legal counsel. She is married with 2 children, aged 3 and 6. Ethnicity: White British.

Richard X

Richard X works full-time as a procurement manager. He is married with two children, a daughter the age of 14, and a son aged 11. Ethnicity: White British.


Lucy is married and has three children, aged 9, 7, and 2. She is self-employed, and works as a pet behaviourist. Ethnicity: White British.


Steve works full-time and has a daughter, aged 4. He is active in a national charity and support group for people with Alport Syndrome. Ethnicity: White British.
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