Eating disorders (young people)


Ulla Räisänen

Ulla was a senior researcher with the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford. She has worked on research projects in health communication, the experiences of (mental) health and illness, young people's health and (mental) health in the media, both in Finland and the UK. For our young people's section on Healthtalk, she has completed the projects on epilepsy, depression and eating disorders.


Our special thanks go to all the young people who shared their stories with us and made this research possible. Thank you also to B-eat (Beat Eating Disorders) and MGEDT (Men Get Eating Disorders Too) for all the support throughout the project. We also would like to thank Comic Relief who funded this project.

Advisory Panel

Nicole Albutt
Research Officer, B-eat

Emily Collins

Felicity Cowdrey

Dr Laura Griffith
Senior Researcher, Health Experiences Research Group, the University of Oxford

Paula Lavis
Policy and Knowledge Manager, Young Minds

Dr Jane Morris
Consultant Psychiatrist, The Eden Unit
Honorary Fellow, Edinburgh University
Dr Anne Stewart
Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist OBMH, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Oxford

Sam Thomas
Project Leader, Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Sue Ziebland
Research Director, Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford

Dr Debbie Waller
General Practitioner, Oxford

Nick Watts
Trustee, Treasurer, Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Linette Whitehead
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Manager of the Community Eating Disorders Team, Cotswold House Eating Disorders Service, Oxford

Dr Sarah Muir
Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Research Centre of Behaviour Change, Bournemouth University

Supported by Comic relief

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