Diabetes type 1 (young people)

Profiles - Women aged 16 to 18

Interview 04

This is her first year at university and she is studying media and communication. She will be living in student accommodation during the week and at home with her Mum at the weekend. Ethnicity: Portuguese.

Interview 15

Lives with her parents and two sisters and she is studying for her GCSCs. Plans to study medicine and wants to specialise in paediatrics. Her father has type 2 diabetes. Ethnicity: Asian

Interview 16

She is a Sixth Form student and works part-time; lives with her parents. She says that the support and encouragement of her family, friends and the diabetes care team at the adult clinic has helped her overcome her problems.

Interview 18

She is a full-time student and lives with her parents. She is a keen sports person and currently she is training for the DofE gold in canoeing to take place in Canada next year.

Interview 20

Lives with partner, no children; works full-time in a pharmacy. Her advice to young people experiencing high blood sugar levels is to go straight to Accident and Emergency. 'It's better to be safe than sorry'.

Interview 25

A level student and also works part-time as a life guard at her local swimming pool. She plans to go to university after her exams and would like more information about diabetes and university life.

Interview 31

Full-time student; lives at home with her family. She took up golf at the age of 11. She won a golf scholarship and is travelling to the USA in August.

Interview 33

Full-time student preparing her final A level exams. She is going to university next September to study psychology. Lives with parents and an older sister. Says that diabetes has never stopped her doing what she wants to do.

Interview 34

Lives with mother and is preparing for her final A level exams. Next September she and her boyfriend will go to the same university. She plans to study Physical Education.

Interview 35

Sixth-form student preparing for her final exams. Plans to go to university this year. Lives with her parents & younger sister. Her mother was diagnosed at 14 with type 1 diabetes. Now she has very good control but it took her a while to get there.

Interview 37

She is a full-time student studying for her Highers exams. Her family includes her parents, a twin brother and two older sisters. She thought about being a primary school teacher but she isn't that sure now.
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